Alumni Spotlight: Willa DiCostanzo

Photo Credit: Willa DiCostanzo
November 15, 2019

Willa DiCostanzo is a graduate from the Environmental Studies program.

When asked what she is currently doing she shared, “I am the Waste Diversion Coordinator for the City of Lincoln and I am the proud mother of two little one's that I'm teaching to be environmentally conscious humans.”

She went on to share what she enjoyed about the UNL Environmental Studies program, “I loved being a student of the UNL ENVR program because it provided me a broad prospective of the complexities around ecosystems, human health, environmental health and how they all relate.  The UNL ENVR program also helped me strategically understand the science behind research and how to apply that science through practical application. It changed the course of my entire life. I switched my minor in UNL ENVR to a major because the UNL staff was so thought provoking, accessible and engaging. I very much appreciated the opportunity to have hands on experience learning about the environment.”

Willa then shared how the program has made an impact on her, “The UNL ENVR program has provided me with an opportunity to make an impact on our planet, our community and our future. I'm thrilled to be working in the community where I received my degree. Having professional resources helps me ensure my questions are answered and I am able to learn from experts in the field.”