Careers in Environmental Studies

Contribute solutions
Contribute solutions

Career Possibilities in Environmental Studies

The conversation usually goes something like this:

“What are you going to study? What are you going to do with that major?”

We know that in any college commitment, outcome is king, so we help you build versatile skills that will make you marketable, hirable, and secure. We’ll help you discover your passion. So you can let your curiosity move you.

In UNL’s Environmental Studies program, we teach students to think critically, to problem solve strategically, and to challenge stale ideas. We teach them to communicate their own ideas clearly and effectively.

Our graduates go on to careers in environment and public health, sustainability, environmental education, and as entrepreneurs. They excel in fields such as alternative energy, biodiversity, climate change, conservation, ecosystem management, public policy, recycling, sustainability, urban development, waste management, and water supplies.

Below are career paths of some of our recent graduates. They include careers in For Profit, Non-Profit, Education, and Government work.


Many of our former students found their interests in public service, and have attained careers in Government.


Students from our program have gone on to have careers in a variety of organizations. Here are some careers in the For Profit world that former Environmental Studies Students have found after graduation.


Environmental Studies students have also gone on to work in the Non-Profit sector and impact their communities.


Some of our students have turned around and became teachers!