Gosselin named to AESS Board of Directors

Photo Credit: Dave Gosselin
July 19, 2016

Dave Gosselin, professor of Earth science in the School of Natural Resources and director of University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s environmental studies program, has been elected to the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences Board of Directors.

AESS is an independent faculty- and student-based professional association in higher education, designed to serve the needs of environmental scholars and scientists who value interdisciplinary approaches to research, teaching and problem-solving. Founded in 2008, the Association seeks to provide its members with the latest environmental information and tools to create better courses, strengthen research, develop more satisfying careers, harness the power of a collective voice for the profession, and enjoy each other's company at national and regional meetings. 

Gosselin will serve a two-year term as one of six at-large members on the board, which manages the association. The term started in mid-June.

“AESS is one of the best and most relevant professional groups in which I participate,” Gosselin said of his new role. “My goal is to use my skills to expand collaboration among current and future members to strengthen AESS and its ongoing activities.

“As I look toward the AESS of the future, I see its potential to grow stronger and more influential. On a national scale, higher education is being asked to be more accountable for all of its activities including the quality of education, both face-to-face and online, and its ability to recruit, retain and prepare students for the current and future environmental workforce. AESS has an important role to play in promoting collaboration in the sharing of academic strengths and courses such as environmental justice, environmental law and other courses. Leadership of interdisciplinary environmental programs is a challenge.”

-- Shawna Richter-Ryerson, Natural Resources