Gosselin receives two Idaho Author Awards

Photo Credit: David Gosselin
December 21, 2015

Dave Gosselin, environmental studies director, is the recipient of two Idaho Author Awards. His book, "Focus on Them: Leading the Mindset Revolution for Coaches, Educators, and Business Leaders," received awards in two categories: nonfiction and business. 

"As a first-time author of a book, I was honored just to be nominated," Gosselin said. 

The Idaho Author Awards seek to showcase the talents of Idahoan authors and publishers across the state. The contest is held each fall and hosts a reception to honor winners annually each November.

Aloha Publishing in Idaho publishes Gosselin's "Focus on Them."

"To get awards in two out of three categories in which the book was nominated was certainly a surprise," Gosselin said. "I am glad that the message in the book resonated with the reviewers and hopefully the future readers of the book will find it useful."

For more than 30 years, Gosselin has developed a passion for coaching and educating people and modeling leadership for young people. "Focus on Them" explains what it takes to build the team atmosphere to accomplish goals for teams on the field, in the classroom and in the workplace. 

"The message is about learning, collaborating, and communicating to build relationships with those who look to you, connect the people and what they do, and recognize your capacity to impact others through your inherent abilities to lead," Gosselin said. 

To learn more about "Focus on Them," visit http://davegosselinphd.com. The book will soon be available for purchase from the Nebraska Maps and More store. 

— Mekita Rivas, Natural Resources