Discover your passion
Discover your passion

In a positive, nurturing, collaborative learning environment, we prepare students to solve current and future local, regional, and global environmental challenges. We pair a truly interdisciplinary curriculum with a student-centered approach that emphasizes community engagement, compelling internship opportunities, and fulfilling education abroad.

Through fantastic teaching, excellent advising and real-world research experiences, we teach students to think critically, problem solve strategically, and challenge stale ideas. We teach them to communicate their own ideas clearly and effectively.

We prepare leaders.

Our graduates go on to careers in environment and public health, sustainability, environmental education, and as entrepreneurs. They excel in fields such as alternative energy, biodiversity, climate change, conservation, ecosystem management, public policy, recycling, sustainability, urban development, waste management, and water supplies.

It’s their job to make the world a better place. Make it yours with a degree in Environmental Studies.

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Let curiosity move you to Nebraska. With specialized programs of study to match any interest area, hands-on research experience, and a campus at the heart of an innovative college city community, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers the ideal Big Ten experience at an affordable cost.

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