Environmental Studies Spotlight: 2018 Graduate Michaela Daugherty

December 8, 2020

UNL Environmental Studies graduate, Michaela Daugherty, has worked on three political campaigns since graduation. These campaigns put Daugherty in a unique position, as they allowed her to work on real climate problems. Daugherty shared, “Each campaign has given me an opportunity to speak with thousands of voters about the environment and hear stories about how climate change has impacted them.” Daugherty started as an Iowa Field Organizer on the Gillibrand 2020 campaign, which held strong stances on climate change issues. She later went on to work for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in Chicago, Illinois. Lastly, Daugherty worked for a “toss-up” senate campaign as a Press Assistant in Montana.

Daugherty explained that networking was a crucial piece in landing these jobs. A background working with the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters gave her the experience needed to work in Iowa. She found the Chicago position through a colleague she worked with in Iowa, as the campaign wanted someone with previous experience in the state. Daugherty stated, “Networking has played a large role in getting two of the positions I’ve worked at, but politics isn’t an impossible field to break into without that network. Sometimes it just takes applying and passion to get the job.” Daugherty’s last thoughts were advice she has for current students on how to succeed in their field. Daugherty stated, “Do as many paid internships as you can, in fields you think are interesting (even if it doesn't fit with your major).