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Kate Lagerstrom is a senior double majoring in Environmental Studies and Microbiology. She works as an undergraduate researcher studying plant pathology where she is mentored by a PhD student. Kate is also a member of Sustain UNL and the Microbiology Club. She had the opportunity to study abroad in New Zealand where she took classes directed towards her major in Environmental Studies. Kate says, “It was the best decision of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” Currently, Kate is applying to graduate school where she would like to pursue a degree in Environmental Microbiology. Kate believes that her time as an undergraduate student here “has fully prepared [her] for the next step.”  Read more about Kate here.

The Environmental Studies program Alumni has accomplished astounding achievements since exiting the halls of our departments.

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What they say about the program

"If someone majors in Engineering... they'll be an engineer. If someone majors in accounting, they'll probably be an accountant. Not the case for Environmental Studies. But what's nice about that is that ENVR majors don't have to choose one specific job field. I could apply for ten totally different jobs and still be qualified for all of them...Majoring in Environmental Studies was scary at first (because it is so broad), but it really paid off when I was looking for a full-time job and realized how many things I was qualified for."  

"I highly recommend getting out there are doing internships in their areas of interest and volunteering as much as possible. That's what gave me an "in" so to speak. I'd also recommend taking as many hands-on courses as possible, that's more applicable to post graduation then a lecture course (at least for me it was)."

"The Environmental Studies program gave me the freedom to explore Landscape and Experience with the disciplinary breadth this iterative theme requires. Courses and lectures in natural resources and humanities sparked my fascination and imagination - inspiration I applied to my senior thesis. The thesis requires detailed analysis and attending a major research university creates the opportunities to reach out to experts. What makes UNL so special is how, across the board, professors are involved, responsive, caring, and always encouraging of interdisciplinary pursuits.  Along with my degree in Environmental Studies, I came away from UNL with a continued sense of wonder and a working knowledge of how to investigate and apply that passion."