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Environmental Studies Learning Community

The Ecoleaders first-year learning community is an opportunity for new students to instantly get involved with sustainability and leadership on campus. Get involved with likeminded students and learn the skills to be a leader in sustainability on campus!
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Nash Leef

Student Organic Farm

Students and professors have teamed up to transition an old asparagus patch east of the Law College on East Campus to a productive farming plot operating under organic, sustainable practices. Students will be responsible for management of the farm—from planting to harvesting and marketing to record keeping. Learn more by contacting Nash Leef at


UNL Outdoor Education

UNL Outdoor Education is a group of students interested in educating the youth of Lincoln, Nebraska about the outdoors in order to raise environmental awareness. UNL Outdoor Education runs two after-school nature clubs at local elementary schools. Learn more, or join by logging into the NvolveU 2.0 at UNL website.

Student Volunteers

Sustain UNL

A recognized student organization, Sustain UNL works to make UNL a greener, more sustainable campus. The group promotes recycling, reusing, and rethinking how students and a university use resources. It partners with other organization such as ASUN's Environmental Sustainability Committee and UNL Landscape Services to help Lincoln go green. Learn more, or join by logging into the NvolveU 2.0 at UNL website or on Facebook.


UNL Environmental Leadership Program

Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is an ASUN committee that involves UNL freshmen and sophomores in making a sustainable impact on campus. Members of ELP plan and organize events that promote a sustainable culture at UNL, experience leadership development, gain education on environmental issues, and participate in aspects of student government such as grant and policy writing. Learn more by logging into the ASUN Environmental Leadership Program website or the ASUN Environmental Sustainability Committee website.


UNL Green Fund

The ASUN Green Fund provides grant funds for student-led projects directed toward improving overall environmental sustainability on the university campus. The fund and its grant reviewing committee empowers students and enables student-driven projects in sustainability by providing a source of funding, guidance, hands-on experience, and networking. Learn more by logging into the ASUN Green Fund website.