Students Doing Good: Kat Woerner

Photo Credit: Kat Woerner
May 23, 2021

Kat Woerner, an Environmental Studies major, is using her time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to further sustainability on campus and in the surrounding community.

During her first year, Woerner received funding from the Green Fund to pilot a recycling program on campus. At the same time, she also worked for the Office of Sustainability as they implemented a million-dollar project to revolutionize the recycling system at UNL.

During her second year, she lobbied at the Nebraska Unicameral and on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., for climate action. Woerner also helped organize a climate strike in Nebraska and has been a primary organizer for the UNL event, Earth Stock

During her third year, Woerner was featured in the Omaha World Herald for her many accomplishments in the sustainability world. She then became the Director of UNL’s Student Organic Farm, where she raised 9,600 dollars to rejuvenate the farm. While raising money, she also became the youngest Executive Committee member of the Nebraska Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Currently, Woerner is working with the Board of Regents to divest 91.3 million dollars from the fossil fuel industry. She is doing all of this while mentoring incoming students and educating first-year students about sustainability on campus. The Environmental Studies Program is proud to have students like Kat. She is pursuing her passion and inspiring students to make a difference.